Stall Mates 4-H Club

Eat, Sleep, 4-H, Repeat.

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Dates To Remember

4-H Records Training


October 5th

6:30PM - 7:45PM

4-H Meeting


October 8th

5:30PM - 7PM

4-H Meeting


October  22nd


Stall Mates 4-H Club: Established in 2015

The Stall Mates 4-H Club is dedicated to making more well-rounded individuals through community service, public speaking and record keeping. The Stall Mates are a large and active group that you can find in Hanover, MA . 

The club can be found at most county-wide events that 4-H holds whether it is Visual Presentations Day to attending the Marshfield Fair. Our club strives to become active within the community and the Stall Mates attend different town events throughout the year.

The Stall Mates have a primary focus on horse management along with being one of the few clubs in the county that participate in the new leveling program. Depending on what you may like, the Stall Mates have a place for you!

So be sure to browse throughout the website to get a closer look into what the Stall Mates are really all about.